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In my experience it is always better to be well informed then uninformed. All items on this page were selected.

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Protégé Programs and Other Government Contracting Amendments.

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Many contractors could pursue more contracts if they had the money to get new contracts started.

The coronavirus epidemic has disrupted our world in ways we could not have imagined a few weeks ago.

It is important for a property owner to stay aware of the requirements for property access, including proper van accessible parking and path of travel accessibility.

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The Official Blog of Delaware's Central Contracting Services.

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Not only will this keep you from reaching out to End Users, but you will also get turned down for major contracts.

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Whether you are part of the original proposal or have responsibilities for administering government contracts, this will expand your knowledge and skills of contract management.

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Each loan is customized to fit the needs of the contractor.

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Breakdowns in the global supply chain, labor shortages, and regional lock downs are already delaying federal projects across the country and around the world.

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All businesses need capital to succeed and there are many sources for business funding. Although we do not have a firm date right now, SAO is doing everything in its power to have this process begin quickly.

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We are doing our best to balance the need for transparency and the need for security. If you have any financial responsibility for government contracts, this certificate covers all the foundations you need.

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His goal is to help businesses navigate the federal marketplace with quick and simple guides. By accepting a grant award, grantees agree to comply with the requirements in the NIH Grants Policy Statement unless the notice of award states otherwise.

Outside the jurisdiction to its government professionals should a few you? Since the government wants projects to continue, and government contractors want to keep working, there appears to be a commonality of interest.

Failure to comply with those requirements can result in serious economic consequences, making compliance a crucial requirement for all government contractors.

Certified Capture Manager Program.

Michelle has significant experience representing public and private clients in various stages of litigation.

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Final site offers practical strategies that your website has government contracting officer. These initial numbers have fallen short of expectations set by federal officials, further underscoring the need for careful planning and clear and consistent communication.

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Posting often will improve your search engine rankings and certainly help drive traffic to your website.

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While concern about personal health is paramount, the health of the economy cannot be ignored. This blog is a service of Alston Bird's Government Contracts team and provides insights on cases rules trends and latest developments in local state and.

We wish our winners much success.

Why are some Texans getting mammoth power bills? Maybe you already have in the past, but have been wondering how they differ from a regular contract or grant, or what differences exist between agencies?

This link will take you to an external web site. Furthermore, it deems contractors that fail to meet the CMMC level applicable to a solicitation as ineligible for contract award.

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The company was working and advertising themselves as a business but they were not officially registered nor were they reporting the income as business revenue.

If you have a few words to share, let us know so we can consider it. When I talk with these businesses about their work and start asking questions to see what certification would help to achieve their goals, I get to see behind the curtain.

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Although the employer may not be required to provide an accommodation, the opinion letter again notes that if the employer does not act on the request, it will be difficult to show that the accommodation would pose an undue hardship.

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One of the most concerning issues that arises with a mask mandate is how to manage employees who claim they are not able to wear a mask and would like to be excepted from the requirement.

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If you require legal or professional advice, kindly contact an attorney or other suitable professional advisor.

However, given the incoming new Administration, it is unclear whether this opinion letter and other developments regarding the religious exemption will be amended or even rescinded. Answer.

SAO will notify those people as quickly as possible. Another prospect came to me a while ago inquiring about WBE certifications.

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These differences also need to add value to your products and services as well.

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