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Some journals require any financial COI to be declared, no matter how small. Thus, a case that is continued without a finding, with or without an admission, is not a conviction and may not be used for impeachment under this section.

They also refer to the president's vanity without providing supporting evidence. According to the RM account, powerful individuals should display a stronger confirmation bias with respect to the relevant social beliefs.

The choice of outcomes that are reported can be influenced by the results, potentially making published results misleading.



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The only way to assess bias in these cases is to have access to the survey instrument used to gather data.

Credibility of Witnesses As judges of the facts you alone.

Referee bias as documented in academia by Price and Wolfers 2010 is not supported for later seasons Pope Price Wolfers 2013 While no official statement.

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Implicit bias can be just as problematic as explicit bias, because both may produce discriminatory behavior.

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In this context, when persuasion is paramount, the tendency to look for material supporting our preconceptions and to discount contradictory data allows us to accumulate argumentative ammunition, which strengthens our argumentative skill, Mercier and Sperber maintain.

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