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This rule applies only to relief sought in the district courts against inferior courts, administrative boards, and officials.

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The Andrew Goodman Foundation and an individual voter sued Wisconsin elections commissioners, challenging a state law which requires that voters present photo IDs in order to vote, while restricting the use of student IDs for that purpose.

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Constitution, in that the laws are preempted by the Voting Rights Act, unconstitutionally burden the right to vote, and infringe on speech and association rights.

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HEALTH, SAFETY AND TRAINING. The process to commence a suit shall be a writ commanding the officer to whom it is directed to summon the defendant to answer the bill or action.

Within seven days of submission of a document electronically filed via PACFile, the filer must submit to the court a bound paper version of the electronic filing with as many bound copies as the court requires.

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Mandamus is only justified when a state agency has failed to perform a statutory duty or to adhere to its statutory responsibility.

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